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Month: February 2016

Cris Goy Arellano Video shooting

Calliente! I was lucky enough to meet and film one of the most beautiful woman on earth! Cris Goy Arellano is a winner and a champs! Winner of the Arnold Classic in Physique category, world Campion in Physique division, and … Spain Champion of Kick Boxing!! Cris Goy Arellano is a force of the nature! Smart, beautiful, sensual, she has a perfect body. I filmed her doing a heavy bag punching scene where you can see her skill. She is fast, she hit the bag with unique power while being very feminine. This footage is unique and there is no where else you can see something like this! Join us and support the fbb. Cris will be with us at our Daily Fbb Show in Cologne, Saturday 9th April 2016. Don’t miss your chance to see her perform a sensual posing and a kick boxing demo.

Make it happens : your imagination come to live

You have a scenario in mind you would like us to do for you? Write it down and send us a mail. We make it happens for you! You like a specific girl in a specific country? You d like her to do a scenario you love? Make your fantasy come true. We don’t have any border, any federation, any restriction. The girl can be a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, and wrestler, a shot putter. As long as she accept, we can do it for you!

Join us as VIp

Join us is supporting the fbb! We are the first fbb site to work on a sponsorship program. It is not easy, it is not simple! To save the fbb and to see more and more women interested in this sport, we need your support. Join us as VIP and get 50% discount on the entrance to our Daily Fbb Show. Next show will be in Cologne after the Cologne Fibo Show : Saturday 9th April 2016. We are open to any donation that will be 100% give to the women.

Challenge Wrestling match Eva Damoh vs Anna Konda

ANNA KONDA OFFICICALLY REFUSED THE FIGHT! (1500€ was offered to the winner) Looking for another challenge. Daily Fbb Clips offer a Wrestling match challenge between Eva Damoh and Anna Konda. We are offering to Anna Konda another chance to accept a wrestling match against Eva Damoh during our Daily Fbb Show in Cologne on the Saturday 9th April.

Daily Fbb Show is Offering 1500€ win Prize for the winner. The match will be on 2 Win tap, means the one who tap 2 times will loose the match. We ll ask Eva Damoh if she is ok. And I hope Anna Konda won’t refuse the CHALLENGE! We are paying the transportation ticket to both women to come and go to Cologne and place to stay. Stay Tunned, waiting for the official response from Anna Konda and Eva Damoh. => Eva Damoh already accepted => Waiting for official answer from Anna Konda ANNA KONDA OFFICICALLY REFUSED THE FIGHT! (1500€ was offered to the winner)


Quizz ! Who is this

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15mn FREE webcam offered each month

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Next Daily Fbb Show in Cologne

Next Female muscle show will be after the FIBO event in Cologne : Saturday 9th April 2016 from 8pm to 11pm. An extraordinary show with more than 8 woman from US, Europe. The best show of the world is the Daily Fbb Show. Lucky guys felt the muscles, wrestled, or get lifted, plus the witness some amazing muscle posing with very huge women, foto are proof. #dontmisscologne #dailyfbbshow