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Month: March 2016

Huge & tall Jayne Stark clip posted

Exclusive! For the first time, the massive Jayne Stark from US, Texas! This amazone stand at 6’0 (1,82m) and weight 220 Ibs (100kg) of pure muscles. After 1 year of training or so, here is Jayne Stark in a huge frame, one of the biggest girl nowadays. She will be at our Daily Fbb Show in Cologne, Saturday 9th April 2016. Don’t miss your chance to see this Texan girl. Her clip very soon in our Member update section.

Elaine Cristina Costa latest video

This 5mn length video from Elaine Cristina Costa from Brazil, is really awesome. Sexy leg extension with big quad, gym training, you will be seduced by this female bodybuilder from South America. Born and raised in Brazil, Cristina is a pure athlete and have the unique “Brazilian women leg” ! As you can see in the image preview, they are built, big and sensual. 5 mn of action, you can see a preview here : Elaine Cristina Costa Next clip of Elaine will be even more amazing. Very hot, very sexy, very South Latina Caliente! elaine cristina costa-res Want to meet the fbb of your Dream for Free? Become VIP and we ll offer you this chance. More info here : Video Session Fbb

Cris Goy Arellano beatdown clips very soon

Cris Goy Arellano beatdown Clip available in 5 days! Exclusive video with one of the gorgeous women on earth doing something unique! $5dicount Join today with a 5$ discount available only TODAY & TOMORROW!  Apply with this coupon : “DISCOUNTCRISGOY”  (without ” ” ) to get the discount. Hurry up don’t miss this chance. Don’t Forget you can have a FREE VIDEO SESSION with the girl of your dream, wherever you are. Meet them and film them for us! More info here : VIDEO SESSION

Maz Burn sponsored by Daily Fbb Clips

We are proud to announce that the Wonderful Maz Burn from UK  is sponsored by us! This excellent athlete,  was able to built an unusual physique, and we are very happy to follow her in her quest for a pro status by international competitions, including the USA. If you like Maz, do not hesitate to join us and sponsor from € 10 / month and up. Good luck to Maz. We are looking to sponsor more athletes, joining us is a kind of sponsorship! Do not hesitate to drop of a line and discuss about your ideas.