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Month: May 2016

Female muscle boxing men

These girls can kick your ass!
5mn30 clip of female muscle boxing at our DFS Cologne with Eva Damoh, Maria Wattel and Anna Khudayarov. These girls hit pretty hard and you can see why. For the first time 3 muscular women boxing and showing how strong they are and how  strong they hit.

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New star : Sexy Grace Kelly BomBom

This 6mn50 clip will surprise you with newcomer Grace Kelly from Brazil.  She is a new Star, pictured for the first time by us!
Grace Kelly splashes onto the screen by her beauty and feminine muscles. Very Sexy, she will surprise you with her breathtaking moves. You never heard of her? Know you got to see this! 

Virginia Sanchez cleaning her house very soon in our site

A female muscle in everyday life is amazing and unique. Virginia Sanchez cleaning her house will be posted at our site very soon. Stay tuned. Nothing more sexy and really captivating then a female bodybuilder doing her cleaning and using her muscles.
More than 20mn of action in 4 parts just for you! Don’t miss that! 
Filmed yesterday 15 May 2016! 
Female muscle in action
Female bodybuilding cleaning house
Women muscle cleaning
Virgnia-sanchez_3 Virgnia-sanchez_4 Virgnia-sanchez_5Virgnia-sanchez_1