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Month: October 2016

Our First live show with 5 female muscle

We are proud to inform you that we are offering our first female muscle live show on Friday 23th September at 6pm EDT (US Estern Time). Make sure to have your local time here www.timeanddate.com

The most sexy, beautiful and muscular women at our show :
– Mercedes Ciprus from Vancouver, Canada,
– Paato Roldan, the fabulous fbb from Argentina
– Bakhar Nabieva, the quad queen
– Claudia Partenza, awesome fbb from Italy!
– we are waiting confirmation of the last one!

The show will last 50 to 60 mn, for a cost of $50 ($0.83/mn only !). We offering you a nice discount of 30% if you book your seat now before Monday. So you will only pay $35 ($0.58/mn)

Use this coupons code : yourcoupon23 to get 30% discount (to be used before Monday 19th).
Join here (you will receive the link the the show via mail once you registered)

Grace Kelly Bombom Sexy Video

10mn – Grace kelly Bombom from Brazil is one of the most sexy and cute lady in the female bodybuilding business.
She show her unreal sexy quad and body. You ll loose your breathe while looking this awesome video.
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Live cam : Inside fbb life, start today

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Live Inside Daily Life of Fbbs

Check this page for more informations regarding our Daily Inside Fbb live

Take a look here => Live Fbb cam show

Starting Friday 14th at 6pm (Us Est Time) 
Starring : 
Mercedes Ciprut
Jaqueline Costa
Lisa Cross
Kashma Maharaj
Paato Roldan
Micaela Viscido
Claudia Partenza
Laurence Prévot

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10 to 20mn per day of Live Event “Inside the Daily life of the fbbs”