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Private show

New Private fbb Show in Miami 15th April 2017 ! (from 3pm to 6 pm)
Here we are! A new show is scheduled in Miami. The show will happen in a gym (closed for us) Program:
The ladies will train in the first part
and then pose in front of us in the second part.
The show will last 3h.
Will guest pose:
Kashma Maharaj (Trinidad, USA)
Robin Hillis (Canada)
Cris Goy Arellano (Spain)
Join the show for only $20 if you are recurrent member of the site.
Normal price entrance is $250 if you are not recurrent member of the site. 

Private fbb Show in Paris 18th February 2017 !
The show was really nice with:
* Robin (T Dee) Hillis 

* Laurence Prévot

* Claudia Partenza
claudia-partenza posing
* Eva Damoh



We started by organizing the first Female muscle show in Paris. Then followed by Cologne (Koln) in Germany on the Saturday 9th April from 7pm to 10pm ! What is Daily Fbb Show about?



the best fbb et female muscle

This is a show with the best fbb et female muscle in the world in one place! A show that lasts about 3 hours between warm-up, posing , feats of strength , lift and carry, wrestling demonstration. During our show , fans are close to women and may touch the muscles… NEVER before the fan could approach and interract with these ladies who enjoy showing their strength, muscles and passion.



The Daily Fbb Show

Once the show ended , we will eat together and have a drink afterwards. Have a good time with these girls dreams and discuss, exchange . The Daily Fbb Show is a unique moment in the life of a true fan .

The list of the women at the Koln show :

  • Anna Khudayarov (Finlande), powerlifter, World Winner, and Muscular… => Confirmed
  • Laurence Prévot (France), this lady is very muscular, and very nice => Confirmed
  • Claudia Partenza (Italie) => Confirmed
  • Maria Wattel the Tall and big Amazon => Confirmed
  • Eva Damoh (France) => Confirmed
  • Maz Burn (UK) (canceled)
  • Jayne Stark (US) (canceled)
  • Cris Goy Arellano (Spain) (can not attend)